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rowid id country_id family_id name_short name_english name name_ascii name_nonlatin wikipedia data_source description comment cmp euprofiler ees morgan castles_mair huber_inglehart ray benoit_laver chess old_countryID old_partyID
1250 2273 43 26 UDI Union of Democrats and Independents Union des démocrates et indépendants Union des democrates et independants http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_of_Democrats_and_Independents Party formed on 18 September 2012. Party created to include the parliamentary group Union des démocrates et indépendants that formed in the 14th legislature. The parliamentary group included legislators belonging to the Centrist Alliance, the National Centre of Independents and Peasants, the New Centre and the Radical Party.                      

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