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rowid id country_id family_id name_short name_english name name_ascii name_nonlatin wikipedia data_source description comment cmp euprofiler ees morgan castles_mair huber_inglehart ray benoit_laver chess old_countryID old_partyID
1277 2305 20 14 HADEP People's Democracy Party Halkın Demokrasi Partisi Halkin Demokrasi Partisi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_Society_Party HEP was formed as a splinter from SHP on 7 June 1990. HEP was banned on 14 July 1993. DEP was banned on 16 June 1994. HADEP was banned on 13 March 2003. DEHAP and DTH merged into DTP on 17 August 2005. DTP was banned on 11 December 2009. Proxy party to avoid multiple observations.   309           8206 3406    

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