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rowid id country_id family_id name_short name_english name name_ascii name_nonlatin wikipedia data_source description comment cmp euprofiler ees morgan castles_mair huber_inglehart ray benoit_laver chess old_countryID old_partyID
29 53 56 14 Sfvm Union of Liberals and Leftist Samtök frjálslyndra og vinstri manna Samtok frjalslyndra og vinstri manna http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Union_of_Liberals_and_Leftists Party split from People's Alliance (Ab) after it turned from an electoral alliance into a party. It included former members of the National Preservation Party (Thva) and Hannibal Valdimarsson from the Social Democratic Party. 15322     36           352 32

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