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id ▼ Country Party PartyName
1 AL BK Party of the Albanian National Front
14 AL BLSH Albanian Liberal Union
38 AL PAD Party of the Democratic Alliance
64 AL PAS Agrarian Party of Albania
66 AL PBDNJ Human Rights' Union Party
92 AL PD Democratic Party
118 AL PDr Reformed Democrat Party
144 AL PLL Movement of Legality Party
170 AL PR Republican Party
196 AL PS Socialist Party of Albania
222 AL PSD Social Democratic Party
248 BY APB Agrarian Party Belarusian
274 BY BPF Belarusian People's Front
300 BY BSDH Belarusian Social-Democratic Hramada
326 BY BSDP-NH Belarusian Social-Democratic Party 'Narodnaya Hramada'
352 BY CCP Conservative-Christian Party of Belarusian People's Front
378 BY KPB Communist Party of Belarus
404 BY LDP Liberal-Democratic Party of Belarus
430 BY LP Labour Party
456 BY PKB Party of Communists Belarusian
482 BY UCP United Civic Party
508 BY WP Women's Party
534 BA HDZ Croatian Democratic Community
560 BA PDP Party for Democratic Progress
585 BA SBiH Party for Bosnia and Hercegovina
611 BA SDA Party of Democratic Action
636 BA SDP Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Hercegovina
661 BA SDS Serbian Democratic Party
687 BA SNSD Party of Independent Social Democrats
712 BA SPRS Socialist Party of Republic of Srpska
737 BG BBB Bulgarian Business Bloc
763 BG BKP Bulgarian Communist Party
789 BG BNDP Bulgarian national democratic party
815 BG BSDP Bulgarian social-democratic party
841 BG BSP Bulgarian Socialist Party
867 BG BZNS Bulgarian Agricultural National Union
893 BG CPB Citizens' Party for Bulgaria
894 BG DPS Movement for Rights and Freedoms
920 BG G St.George Day Movement
946 BG NDST National movement 'Simeon II'
972 BG ODS Union of Democratic Forces
998 BG UFD Union of Free Democrats
1016 BG VMRO VMRO - Bulgarian National Movement
1042 HR DC Democratic Center
1068 HR HB Croatian Block
1094 HR HDZ Croatian Democratic Community
1120 HR HNS Croatian People's Party
1146 HR HSLS Croatian Social Liberal Party
1172 HR HSP Croatian Rights Party
1198 HR HSS Croatian Peasant Party
1224 HR IDS Istrian Democratic Union
1250 HR LIBRA Party of Liberal Democrats (Libra)
1276 HR LS Liberal Party
1302 HR SDP Social Democratic Party of Croatia
1328 CZ CSSD Czech Social Democratic Party
1354 CZ KDU Christian and Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People
1380 CZ KSCM Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
1406 CZ MDS Moravian Democratic Party
1432 CZ NKL National Conservative League (Illegal)
1458 CZ ODS Civic Democratic Party
1484 CZ RMS Republicans of Miroslav Sladek
1510 CZ SNK Association of Independents
1536 CZ SZ Green Party
1562 CZ SZJ Party for Security in Life
1586 CZ US Freedom Union-Democratic Union
1612 EE EKRP Eesti Kristlik Rahvapartei
1638 EE ESDTP Eesti Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Tööpartei
1664 EE EÜRP Eestimaa Ühendatud Rahvapartei
1690 EE Isam Erakond Isamaaliit
1716 EE Kesk Eesti Keskerakond
1742 EE Mõõd Rahvaerakond Mõõdukad
1768 EE RL Eestimaa Rahvaliit
1794 EE Ref Eesti Reformierakond
1820 EE ResP Ühendus Vabariigi Eest - Res Publica
1846 HU CENTRUM Center Party
1872 HU FIDESZ Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Party
1898 HU FKGP Independent Smallholders’ Party
1924 HU MDF Hungarian Democratic Forum
1950 HU MIÉP Hungarian Justice and Life Party
1976 HU MSZP Hungarian Socialist Party
2002 HU MUNKÁS Workers’ Party
2028 HU SZDSZ Alliance of Free Democrats
2054 LV JL New Era
2080 LV LPP Latvia's First Party
2106 LV PCTVL For Human Rights in a United Latvia
2132 LV TB/LNNK Alliance Fatherland and Freedom-LNNK
2158 LV TP People's Party
2184 LV TSP People's Harmony Party
2210 LV ZZS Green and Farmers Union
2236 LT LDP Liberal Democratic Party
2264 LT LKD Lithuanian Christian Democrats
2292 LT LKDS Union of Lithuanian Christian Democrats
2320 LT LSDP Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
2348 LT LiCS Union of Liberals and Center
2376 LT NS/SL New Union- Social Liberals
2404 LT TS Homeland Union (Conservatives, Christian Democrats, Freedom Fighters)
2432 LT VNDPS Union of Peasant and New Democracy Parties
2460 MK DA Democratic Alternative
2486 MK DPA Democratic Party of the Albanians
2512 MK DS Democratic Union

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