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id ▼ type name data_source description comment
1 table external_country_iso parlgov ISO 3166 country codes worldwide with some additional information  
3 table external_party_castles_mair castles party position data from Castles/Mair (1983)  
4 table external_party_benoit_laver benoit party data (party names) from Benoit/Laver (2006)  
5 table cabinet_party parlgov list of parties that are members of a cabinet -- no party affiliation observations (party_id) are included if the prime minister is not a party member  
7 view viewcalc_party_position parlgov policy positions of political parties in important dimensions as provided through various expert surveys  
8 table election_result parlgov results of parliamentary elections at the party level  
11 table external_party_chess chess party names from the codebook of Chapel Hill Expert Surveys Series (CHESS) on the positioning of political parties (1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2010)  
12 table cabinet parlgov information about cabinets see documentation of table 'view_cabinet' for information about cabinet definition
13 table info_variable parlgov description of variables in ParlGov database tables  
19 table country parlgov country data with links to other data sets  
20 table external_commissioner_doering doering members of the European Union's College of Commissioners  
21 table party_change parlgov linking parties that evolved through changes -- observation in this table link predecessor/successor parties or party splits from 'party' table -- this information is still incomplete with updates and extensions in future ParlGov versions  
27 view viewcalc_election_parameter parlgov calculated parameters about parliamentary elections -- see list of variables for further details Parameters are calculated by an R script at irregular intervals. Results for parties from party family 'none' (esp. 'no party affiliation' and 'others' parties) are removed from calculation (see Taagepera 1997; Gallagher/Mitchel 2005, 598-606).
28 table external_party_huber_inglehart huber party position data from Huber/Inglehart (1995)  
29 table party parlgov party information with links to data sets (ParlGov external) that contain political positons of parties  
30 table party_name_change parlgov information on official party names in case a party was renamed or if the official name is only used in shortened form  
34 table info_table parlgov description of ParlGov database tables  
35 table election parlgov information about a parliamentary election see documentation of 'view_election' for information about included parties
37 table external_party_cmp cmp list of parties from the Comparative Manifestos Project (CMP) data set  
41 table info_data_source parlgov list of references for ParlGov coding  
45 table external_party_euprofiler euprofiler list of parties from the EU Profiler (Trechsel/Mair 2009)  
48 table info_id parlgov definitions for all id variables without a separate table Most id variables have only a limited number of entries and are included into this table.
52 table view_party parlgov Party information and merge table for various external data sets on party positions. (main view) Imputation of missing party positions by mean values for party family.
53 table view_election parlgov Election results for national and European Parliament elections. (main view) Includes vote share and number of seats of all parties that won seats in a democratic post-war election. For some countries, all parties that won more than one percent of the votes and the respective number of votes are included.
54 table view_cabinet parlgov Cabinet and opposition parties in parliament with their seat strength at each instance of government formation. (main view) new cabinets are defined for (I) any change in the set of parties holding cabinet membership; (II) any change in the identity of the prime minister; (III) any general election; (IV) any substantively meaningful resignation
55 table external_party_ees ees list of parties from the European Election Study (2009)  
56 table external_party_ray ray list of parties from Ray (1999)  
64 table party_family parlgov additional party families for a party The major party family category is coded in the 'party' table. This table includes additional categories such as regional parties, types of special issue parties, anti-system parties etc.
69 table viewcalc_parliament_composition parlgov compositon of parliament for changes in parliament (table 'parliament_change'), information about composition of parliament (table 'parliament_composition') and dates of cabinet formation ('start_date' from table 'cabinet')  
71 table viewcalc_country_year_share parlgov country year weights for elections (national and EP) and cabinets -- each entry gives the share of the respective year the legislature or cabinet was in office  
73 table politician_president parlgov Party-affiliated heads of state. Short-term acting presidents are not included.  
74 view view_variable parlgov documentation of variables in main data tables (party, election, cabinet)  

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