election: 333

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rowid id type_id country_id date first_round_election_id early wikipedia seats_total electorate votes_cast votes_valid data_source description comment previous_parliament_election_id previous_ep_election_id previous_cabinet_id old_countryID old_parlID
333 384 13 64 1974-03-10   1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belgian_general_election,_1974 212 6323027 5711639 5258531 ibz   Although the two successor parties of the PSB-BSP (Parti socialiste belge-Belgische Socialistische Partij) were founded in 1978, the IBZ data differentiates between the Flemish and the Wallonian part for the 1977 election results without further specification. Since all other sources (Nohlen, Mackie/Rose, Cevipol) stand in contrast with this, the PSB-BSP is coded as one party. 591   859 56 19740

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