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rowid id country_id family_id name_short name_english name name_ascii name_nonlatin wikipedia data_source description comment cmp euprofiler ees morgan castles_mair huber_inglehart ray benoit_laver chess old_countryID old_partyID
769 1414 43 26 CNIP National Centre of Independents and Peasants [Conservatives] Centre national des indépendants et paysans Centre national des independants et paysans     Due to the change of sources from Mackie/Rose (1991) to Nohlen/Stöver (2010) with the 1978 elections the tracking of the results for the CNIP becomes blurred. From 1986 on CNIP is coded as part of 'divers right' parties (droite). 31622       707   609   609 250 54

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